Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does Franko B make work that shocks / disturbs us?

Franko B is concerned with making images that he considers to be beautiful. If you are shocked or disturbed, you don’t have to look at them.

Why does Franko B use his own blood in his work?

Franko B ceased using his own blood in his work in 2006. It was one of many media he used to express his artistic ideas.

Why did Franko B stop using his own blood in his work?

Because he felt that he had said all he wanted to in this medium and wanted to focus on other strategies.

I want to make art / performance work using my own blood. How can I extract my own blood safely?

This should only be done by a medically trained practitioner / nurse. Franko B cannot arrange this for you.

Is Franko B HIV positive?


Why do some articles / academic texts refer to him as being HIV positive?

Because they were written by people who made assumptions without conducting proper research.

Are Franko B’s performances considered to be ‘Theatre’?

Franko B considers his performance works to be part of his Fine Art practice, and he has always intended for them to be presented in this context.

Is Franko B’s work ‘Queer Art’?

Franko B makes work that he considers to be important, based on his personal experience. He does not categorise his work in this way.

I have recently bought a Franko B work from eBay. Is it genuine?

Franko B cannot verify the authenticity of a piece that he hasn’t seen directly, or if he has no knowledge of its sale.

Where can I buy works by Franko B?


Is it possible to arrange for Franko B to give a lecture / seminar / tutorial at my university?

Yes. Contact

Where can I find out more about Franko B and his work?

You can read / watch many interviews with Franko here >, texts about his work here >, and see documentation of more than 25 years of his practice here >. Details of publications about his work are here > and his archive is held at The University of Bristol >. Upcoming exhibitions, performances and other events are posted here >.


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