• Franko B (2015)

Love, insignificant, this, insignificant, body, insignificant, powerless, insignificant, never, insignificant, democracy, insignificant, pain, insignificant, life, insignificant, shit, insignificant, fuck, insignificant, artist, insignificant, I, insignificant, mediocracy, insignificant, deleted, insignificant, self, insignificant, promoted, insignificant, love, insignificant, more, insignificant, love, insignificant, beyond, insignificant, reason, insignificant, wounds, insignificant, sound, insignificant, refugee, insignificant, performance, insignificant, education, insignificant, falling, insignificant, undesired, insignificant, identity, insignificant, forced, insignificant, sucked, insignificant, prostitution, insignificant, deluded, insignificant, untouchable, insignificant, life, insignificant, useless, insignificant, hypocrite, insignificant, obscure, live, pricks poison, fear, numb, disappointment, insignificant, me, insignificant, scum, insignificant, anal, insignificant, rebellious, insignificant, bad, insignificant, ghetto, insignificant, untidy, insignificant, secure, insignificant, insane, insignificant, what, insignificant, marginalised, insignificant, heroes, insignificant, irrelevant, unbearable, intimacy, living, dead forbidden, dying, for, nothing, brain, washed, by, ignorance, and, stupidity,  optimistic, insignificant, self, opportunistic, isolated, destruction, more, possibilities, insignificant, beautiful, insignificant, corrupted, insignificant, landscape, insignificant, unfamiliar, insignificant, ticking, insignificant, time, insignificant, no, insignificant, mission, insignificant, philistine, insignificant, doubt, insignificant, everything insignificant, front, up, unfriendly, playground, again, egotistic, society, trust, given, dying, entertainment, profit, from, discarded, chaos, diseases, firing, elemental, emancipated, dignity, terror, taken, a, way, conflicts, opportunistic, never, fragment, power, certain, land, moral, insignificant  tortured, betrayals, home, lover, insignificant, wanted, insignificant, I’m, insignificant, not, insignificant, fucking, insignificant, christ, insignificant, compromised, murdered, destabilised, fired, up, abandoned, mental, visiting, everything, nothing, aspiration, slaved,  respiration, resting, overdose, wars, pain, more, community, invisible, ones, rejected, naked, power, never, fired, profit, unknown, forgiven, hurt, unhealthy, marriage, abuse, trust, anarchic, dishonest, for, ever, poverty, overwhelming, irrelevance, mother’s, no, listen, to, your, heart, we, need, to, be, revolutionary, ours, existence, is, abused, warmth, insecure, birth, greed, murder, on, your, knees, all, your, life, not me, nothing, matter, every, thing, matters, insignificant, maniac, insignificant, discontinued, taboos, ghettos, living, transmission, bastard, believe, over, you, son, free, dirty, not, masochist, poisoned, free, insecure, insignificant, dislocated, insignificant, missing, insignificant, sleazy, insignificant, lost, insignificant, cowards, time, less, anti, insignificant, social, insignificant, state, insignificant, obsolete, insignificant, love, insignificant, deprived, insignificant, removed, insignificant,site, insignificant, mean, insincere, raping, others, meaningful, tired, questioning, freak, mentoring, powerful, liar, everything, civilisation, hunted, let, down, boys, virus, pricks, lonely, hurting, yet, speed, saunas, delinquent, demoted, dreamers, useful, hurt, inspiring, love, insignificant, shameless, local, lust, I, was, naïve, pain, stoned, religion, supportive, platform, policing, our, desires, meeting, hope , electricity, encounters, cold, inside, hot, inside, coward, fear, outside, you, unloved, unsupported, water, deported, drowning,  marked, luck, taken, immoral, love, journey, bureaucrats, desire, outsider, time, abandoned, energy, sex, waste, unfortunately, academics, insider, bad, unfair,  politician, trust, meat, innocent, help, nights, lost, days, mother, streets, asking, renting, air, crying, years, of, abuse, dreamer, library, wanker, spanked, glory, over, returning, earth, maybe, in, defense, last , I, have, desire, emotional, home, also, policing, selling, hole, us, them, nausea , fascist, speaking, choices , free,  whole, sisters, hate, betting, running,  sadist , instability, stupid, luck, abusing, making, cash,  abused , fagot, homeless, for, one, moment, I, believed ,that, i could ,make, a, difference, instead, to, waste, time, to, hate, hanged, sharks, networking, machine, insignificant, salt, victim, fear, of, failure, blinded, bleeding, friends, vomiting, alone, dejected, affected, effected, sour, sleep, what, I, have, not, done , wrong, talking, at, deluded, resentful, touch, the, sky, because, no, body, else, was, present, sweet, revenge, impersonal, institution, powerless, patronized, irrelevant, schizophrenic, more, hurt, discouraged, loved, respect, wanted, education, granted, I’m, only, traveling, through, I, have, rights, animals, autocracy, and, time, yes, homeless, development, stealing, for, profits, insignificant, marginalised, insignificant, integrity , insignificant, dead, insignificant, people, insignificant, breeding, insignificant, love, insignificant, help, hard, in, replaceable, lovers, left, promoting, insignificant, station, insignificant, unsafe, untrusted,  landscapes, gender, benders, replaced, insignificant, brothers, destroyed, killing, wrongs, for, honour, whose?, insignificant, performance, insignificant, life, insignificant, going, no, where, lives, lost, for, what, killings, for, oil, killing, for, others, lands, killing,  for,  gold, stealing, lives, bitterness, live, big, dick, pain, dignified, policing, burden, traffic, x, overrated, bruised, tyrant, in, tolerance, pain, food, arts, beyond , relate, hold, me, hold, my hand, dreamer ,undesired, impossible, flesh, crashing, out, sick, un, safe, house, opera, homosexual, I, want, sisters, irrelevant, bodies, language, dirty, baby, experimental, with, hypocrisy, support, alone, psychopath, class, out, wars, clear, mothers, desire, birds, angel, more, less, time, murdered, forgotten, let, down, by , who, supposed to protect, you, marginalized, Or, deluded, ?, indelible, youth,  reflection, ecstasy, less, fear, creep, infections, consumed, sounds, fathers, selfish, rated, slowly, more, waste, corrupt, soul, politics, irreplaceable, archive, museums, blood, clubs, self, angst, pimp, pleasing, stupid, attention, wounds, same, lover, for, ever, immigrant, x rated, individuality, arrogant, seeker, bourgeois, petty, brother, fierce, scum, cum, for, ever, to, ignorant, sharks, love, awake, uncompromised, love, again, ready, to, dance, history, running, unfriendly, riots , under, right, wing, centre, more, pain, censorship, mess, insignificant, less, insignificant, insignificant, selfish, insignificant, insignificant,wrong, stories, fierce, insignificant, less, insignificant, sweet, insignificant, public, insignificant, stupidity, selfless, insignificant, inspiring, insignificant,  driven, insignificant,  attention, insignificant, promise, insignificant,  details, insignificant, insignificant, illegal, sick, liquid, security, losers, never, significant, contrived, insignificant, untouchable, insignificant, dreams, insignificant, for, insignificant, dreamers, insignificant, I, insignificant, have, insignificant, language, insignificant, on, insignificant, my, insignificant, side, insignificant,

I have Language on my side, I have language on my side,



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