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The Black Period

Exhibition at Galleria Pack [Milan, Italy]

(November 2006 - January 2007)

press release:

Franko B, in his second solo exhibition at Galleria Pack, surprises us once again revealing a new direction of his research, proposing a series of unpublished paintings characterised by the exclusive use of the colour black.

The artist, who used his own body as an expressive absolute to subject it to a series of extreme experiences, overwhelms here every kind of expectation to reveal a side seemingly more quiet, more ‘wise’, but certainly not less politically correct and proactive.

included works:

Black Paintings >


Franko B. Milano, Galleria Pack >

Stefano Castelli [exibart] (December 2006)

The Black Period - Franko B >

[Arskey] (November 2006)

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