Because of Love: Franko B’s Story >

[Live Art Development Agency, London] (2018)

published monographs:

I Still Love >

[24 Ore Cultura, Milan] (2010)

Blinded by Love >

[Damiani Editore, Milan] (2006)

Still Life >

[Black Dog Publishing, London] (2003)

Oh Lover Boy >

[Black Dog Publishing, London] (2001)

Franko B >

[Black Dog Publishing, London] (1998)

Franko B

[Costa Nolan / Virus & Mutation, Italy] (1997)

[out of print]

available catalogues:

Death and Romance in the XXI Century / Forms and Objects >

[Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary - Centre for Contemporary Art, Trevi (Perugia), Italy] (2016)

Because of Love: Volume 1 >

[Free PDF download or limited edition, signed print version] (2014)

Serial Killer [Franko B & Thomas Qualmann] >

[Galleria Porta Latina, Rome] (2013)

Posizione e Deposizione [Franko B & Zhang Huan] >

[Galleria Pack, Milan] (2008)

Full of Love >

[Marena Rooms Gallery, Turin] (2007)

editions and multiples:

Cartella di Fotografie di Franko B >

[Galleria Pack, Milan] (2008)

Bag for Life >

[South London Gallery and Artsadmin] (2002)

Multiples for Cash >

[edition of signed and numbered objects made from fragments of blood stained canvas from I Miss You and Still Life] (2000)


The following publications include contributions by Franko B:

• Double Exposures

Manuel Vason [Intellect Books and Live Art Development Agency, London] (2014)

• Praestigium Italia I: Contemporary Artists from Italy

Luca Beatrice [Fabrica, Italy] (2014)

• The Art of Walking: A Field Guide

David Evans [Black Dog Publishing, London] (2013)

• Throwing the Body into the Fight: A Portrait of Raimund Hoghe

Mary Kate Connolly (Editor) [Intellect Books and Live Art Development Agency, London] (2013)

• Visions of Excess [DVD]

Lee Adams and Ron Athey (Editors) [Live Art Development Agency, London] (2010)

Argo XVI / ID La Materia che Amava Chiamarsi Umana

[Argo Ogra, Ancona] (2010)

• Legendary Hearts

Gabriele Tinti [Damiani Editore, Bologna] (2009)

• Artsadmin 30

Hugo Glendinning (Photographer) [Artsadmin, London] (2009)

• SPILL Performance Tarot Deck

Manuel Vason (Photographer) [SPILL Festival, UK] (2009)

• 100 Jahre Hebbel-Theater

Christiane Kuhl (editor) [Hebbel Theatre, Berlin] (2008)

• Encounters

Manuel Vason [Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol] (2007)

• Gay Living

Gianni Basso [Esaurito, Italy] (2007)

The Season

Gianluca Marziani (curator) [Galleria Pack Editore, Milan] (2006)

Long Live Romance Part II

Franko B (curator) [Galleria Pack Editore, Milan] (2006)

• Katalogue Volume One

Wilhelm Finger (Editor) [Katalogue Ltd, London] (2005)

• Live: Art and Performance

Adrian Heathfield (Editor) [Tate Publishing, London] (2004)

• Adbusters [Issue 56]


• Virus Art

Francesca Alfano Miglietti (FAM) (Editor) [Skira Editore, Milan] (2003)

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Editons and multiples:

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Because of Love: Franko B’s Story

Published by Live Art Development Agency, London (2018)