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    Aktion 398 - performance (1998-2002)

    Aktion 893: Why Are You Here? - performance (2005)

    Art Education Series - series of stitched drawings on paper [see Stitches on Paper] (2015)

    At Night We Cry - Band [see MFOTWU Against Oppression] (2010-2012)


    BAD - boots [with embroidered design by Franko B, produced by Piu Bello Quality Store, Italy] (2015)

    Because of Love - performance (2012-2014)

    Because of Love: Installation Version - permanent installation [The Foundry, Maubourguet, Midi-Pyrenees, France] (2016)

    Black Paintings - series of paintings and objects [acrylic on canvas and found objects] (2004-2008)

    Blood Canvas - series of collages and wrapped objects [made with blood-stained canvas from Franko’s bleeding performances] (1999-2002)

    Boy Soldiers Series - series of stitched drawings on paper [see Stitches on Paper] (2016)


    Carving - designs carved into wood [painted] (2000)

    Circle Paintings - acrylic on wood (2004)

    Collages - mixed-media collages (1995-2005)


    Death & Romance in the XXI Century - exhibition [Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, Trevi (Perugia), Italy] (2016-2017)

    Don’t Leave Me This Way - performance (2006-2009)


    Early works - performances for camera (1988-1996)

    Eat Shit Fuck Die - jewellery range [designed by Franko B in collaboration with Mayu Iwakami (ililip), Japan] (2017)


    Fai Bene - fashion range [designed by Franko B, produced by Rruna, Milan] (2013-2014)

    Fil Rouge - exhibition [Nonostantemarras, Milan] (2013)

    Forms & Objects - group exhibition curated by Franko B [Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, Trevi (Perugia), Italy] (2016-2017)

    Full of Love - exhibition [Marena Rooms Gallery, Turin] (2007)


    Guitars - guitars [designed by Franko B with various collaborators] (2011-2013)


    Haute Couture - series of garments [made by different fashion designers using blood-stained canvas from the artist’s bleeding performances] (1999-2008)

    Heart & Soul - guitar [see Guitars] (2011)

    Homage to the New World Order - series of scluptures [mechanically engraved Black Zimbabwe Granite] (2017)

    How To Say It The Way It Is! - exhibition of works from the a/political collection curated by Franko B [Rua Red, Dublin] (2017)


    I Miss You - performance (1999-2005)

    I Miss You: TV Version - video (1997)

    I Still Love - exhibition [Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea (PAC) Milan] (2010)

   I Still Love: Part 2 - exhibition [The Nunnery Gallery, London] (2011)

    I’m Not Your Babe (Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4) - performance (1995-1996)

    I’m Thinking of You - exhibition [Galleria Changing Role, Naples] (2008-2009)

   I’m Thinking of You - performance (2009-2012)

    I’m Thinking of You: Version 2 - performance (2009-2010)


    Love in Times of Pain - exhibition [Globe Gallery, Newcastle] (2009)

    Love in Times of Pain - series of sculptures / installation / performance for camera (2007-2010)

    Love in Times of Pain - performance (2010)


    Mama I Can’t Sing - performance (1995-2000)

    MFOTWU Against Oppression - band (2011-2015)

    Milk & Blood - performance (2015 - )

    Milk & Blood - video (2001)

    My Home - guitar [see Guitars] (2012)


    Neon - neon works (2001-2015)

    Not a Number - stitched drawing on canvas [see Stitches on Canvas] (2015)

    Now You Know Me - exhibition [Klaus Engelhorn 20, Vienna] (2001)


    Oh Lover Boy - performance (2001-2005)

    Oh Lover Boy: The Exhibition - exhibition [Home, London] (2001)


    Painted Objects - sculptures [acrylic on ready-made and found objects] (2004-2005)

    Photographic Prints - large format photographic prints [of images from the artist’s performance works] (2006-2010)

    Play Time - video (2015)

    Play Series: Adults Only - series of sculptures / installation (2015)

    Please Disturb Me - installation [Great Eastern Hotel, London] (2001)


    Reading Franko B: Moments in Love - exhibition [University of Bristol Theatre Collection] (2013)   

   Relics - various materials and objects with cut-out designs (1998-2001)

    Resin - sculptures [mixed-media and ready-made objects cast in resin] (1999-2011)


   Self-Portrait Sculptures - sculptures [cast resin](2005-2006)

   Sleeping Beauty - exhibition [Freud Museum, London] (2017)

    Sleeping Beauty - sculpture [hand carved Carrara marble] (2016)

    Someone to Love - exhibition [Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster] (2011)

    Stained - series of stitched drawings [cotton on unprimed canvas] (2017)

    Still Life - photographic series (2001)

    Still Life - performance (2003-2006)

    Still Life Stitched - series of stitched drawings [cotton on unprimed canvas] (2017)

    Stitched Heart - exhibition [NonoStanteMarras, Milan] (2016)

    Stitches on Canvas - series of stitched drawings [cotton on unprimed canvas] (2008-2016)

    Stitches on Paper - series of stitched drawings [wool on paper] (2012-2015)


    The Black Period - exhibition [Galleria Pack, Milan, Italy] (2006)

    The Golden Age - exhibition [Lipanjepuntin Artecontemporanea, Rome] (2008)

    The Golden Age - series of sculptures (2007-2009)

    The Greatest Hits Series - series of stitched drawings on canvas [see Stitches on Canvas] (2015)


    Untouchable - series of events curated by Franko B showcasing performance, visual art and music [The Flying Dutchman, London] (2012-2016)


    View of the Ground from a Corpse - stitched drawing on canvas [see Stitches on Canvas] (2015)

    Volume 2 - exhibition [Galleria Pack, Milan] (2004-2005)


    Woof Woof I’m Back !! - exhibition [The Mayor’s Parlour Gallery, London] (2015)


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